2n3904 Transistor

The 2N3904 is common general-purpose low-power NPN transistor used amplifying or switching applications. It is typically used for low-current, medium voltage, and moderate speed purposes. This transistor is popular among hobbists and in academia and is arguably one of the most well-known general-purpose transistors in the world. The complementary or PNP version of the 2N3904 is the 2N3906. This general-purpose transistor is available in various packages, including through-hole (TO-92) and surface mount ( SOT-23 and SOT-223).


General Operating Specifications:

IC (Collector Current)

200 milliamps

VCEO (Collector-Emitter Voltage)

40 volts

VCBO (Collector-Base Voltage) 60 volts
VEBO (Emitter-Base Voltage) 6 volts
Power 625 milliwatts
Speed 100 MHz
Beta (gain) 100
Operating and Storage Temp Range -55 to +150 C

2N3904 Datasheet:

A Fairchild Semiconductor™ datasheet for the 2N3904 can be found here:

Below is a 2n3904 Sample Circuit

2n3904 Sample Circuit


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